Kasumi of Soul Chess
Situation: Zanpakuto and their users end up being switched, including you and your zanpakuto. Your response?

Serve and protect Manakama as she’s done for me all these years.

If I were to cut off one of your arms, would it grow back? and what would happen to the arm I cut off? #scientific-research #really-like-cutting-off-limbs

No. I was not fortunate enough to obtain such a profound level of high speed regeneration that hollows are innately born with being only 1/4 hollow. I’d have to reattach it through conventional kido healing with the soutaicho’s help and that will be rather painful.

You wake up in a room, with no windows, or a door. you are wearing what was your usual outfit before you joined the soul reapers, only there is some mechanical band around your head. Your powers don't work, most likely because of the mechanical band around your head. What would you do in this situation?

Tear off the band and see what happens.

supliment: the series is Umineko no naku koro ni, I'd post a link but tumblr won't let me

Well then I might have to go with not fighting unless given reason to.

Situation: Your Zanpakuto spirit is stolen from you from a being with similar powers to Muramasa, and the only way to get it back is to go on a really hard and difficult quest, which you must go on alone, with no one following you. How would you get to your first destination without any allies following you?

Teleportation using one of my powers that I stole with the Lotus System.

Oh and when I find this being I will turn him into dust after a rather thorough pummeling, especially if he makes me fight Manakama to get her back.

Situation continued: so let's say thanks to the AR virus, you are physically 8 years old now by human standards. how would you adapt?

Talk to Toshiro Hitsugaya and Yachiru Kusajishi. They know all about being physically younger than you really are. Also, I know Kendra will indefinitely remain loyal even if I look like a child as long as I am professional.

Situation: if you had to, would you confront Lambdadelta: The Witch of Certainty, Bernkastel: Witch of Miracles, or Erika: Witch of Truth?

Who now?

Just because I can see you all doesn’t mean I can do decent research.

Situation continued: so you let the ar virus affect you, hm? if you regress one year of age physically (human wise) per hour, and it takes 2 hours for 4th squad to cure someone, how young would you let yourself become before letting yourself be cured? (oh, and this isn't important now, but the age regression is permanent, you'd have to grow back up the same way you did the first time)

Until my breasts are either small or gone however long it takes.

Situation: there is a version of an AR (age regression) Virus going around, and you get infected with it. what would you do?

Let it happen. If I look like a child people won’t do THAT to me ever again.

Situation: Someone is stalking you, but you don't know who or why they are following you, how they are following you, or where the stalker is. Your only proof is a gut feeling and a threatening letter written in blood. How would you solve this mystery?

Put Manakama on guard whilst I sleep, take a nap out in the open and wait for them to come find me. Anyone stupid enough to try this is going to get their eyeballs gouged with my claws once I found out who it is.